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Tween Intensive

Ages 9-13

Students in the Tween Intensive are required to enroll in a second class during the week here at C3. This 2-hr class is aimed at tween students who want to dive deeper into their circus education and practice. The curriculum of this class is centered on technique, creative skills, community-building, and skill progressions to make sure that growing bodies can safely explore the circus arts while reaching their full potential! During the class, students will take a multi-disciplinary approach and will work on the trapeze, aerial fabric, ground acrobatics, juggling, balance disciplines, physical theater, and more. Additionally, students will be offered the opportunity to begin specializing in a discipline if they choose, and will begin to explore performance alongside and in front of their peers.

Prerequisites: Students should have previous experience in circus. Basic knowledge of juggling, ability to invert in the air, ability to execute five moves in a row on any aerial apparatus, and comfort with forward and backwards rolls, cartwheels, and bridges. Students must be interested in joining a community and excited about learning circus! To enroll inquire about eligibility for this class by emailing us at info@commonwealthcircus.com.

Classes are 120 minutes long and meets on Thursday afternoons.