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Youth Partner Acrobatics

Ages 10-16

This 60-minute class will explore partner acrobatics for beginner and intermediate youth students ages 10-16. In class we will learn how to support each other in balance, counter-balance, and lifts. We will learn safe ways of practicing skills learned in class by developing spotting techniques and working with gradual progressions. Learn to trust, connect, and communicate with other students as you create amazing shapes!

No prerequisites.

Please note that we also offer an advanced version of this class for youth 10-16 years old who have extensive experience with partner acrobatics. The version of the class will focus on group acrobatics, including static shapes and dynamic movement.
*Please contact us at info@commonwealthcircus.com if you are interested in this class!

Please contact us at info@commonwealthcircus.com with any questions!