Trapeze 101/Hoop 101

The trapeze and aerial hoop (or lyra) are circus relatives of each other! The trapeze is a steel bar hung from two ropes. The hoop is a steel circle apparatus that is suspended from the ceiling either from one or two ropes with a swivel so it has the ability to spin! You can think of the trapeze and hoop as two types of swings! Never been upside-down before? No problem. All skills will be learned in safe progressions that move at an appropriate pace for each student. Hoop/Trapeze students will swing, spin, and learn hoop vocabulary such as poses and movements under, in, and above both apparatus while being right-side-up and up-side-down. All hoop/trapeze classes will incorporate lessons for strength, creativity, and coordination, as well as injury prevention. Students will begin on apparatus rigged closer to the ground and will progress to working higher in the air as they develop confidence and strength.

No prerequisites.