Commonwealth Circus Center Policies

Full C3 Studio Policies Available HERE.

1. Waivers

All students or guests who enter the C3 studio (lobby not included) must have a signed C3 waiver on file with the C3 office. Waivers are available at C3 or are available for download below. Students who have registered for a class or workshop through Zen Planner will complete an electronic waiver during registration and do not need to sign a paper waiver.


2. Refunds

General Refund Philosophy

Refunds for session classes are granted only in the case of extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of C3 management. All refunds are subject to a 5% administrative fee. Please check your schedule before signing up for classes!

All registrations and make-up credits are non-transferable, meaning only the student who is signed up may use them.

3. Missed Class Make-Up Policy


  1. Students are encouraged to attend all classes, as skills progress from week-to-week. If a student misses a class, they may ask for class notes from a fellow classmate.

  2. When only one student attends class on a given day, the class will run as a 60 minute private lesson.

  3. Students in introductory and intermediate classes must attend at least one class out of the first three classes.

  4. If a student knows they will not be able to attend a class, they can remove themselves from the class roster.

  5. If the student removes themselves from the roster more than 24-hours before the class, then the student is entitled to a make-up credit. See below instructions for how to use this credit.

Make-Up Policy:

  • If you know in advance that you will miss an upcoming class, you can cancel your class reservation (up to 12 hours before the class in question) in order to be eligible for a make-up class.

  • All students (youth and adult) may make-up up to two missed classes within a single session.

  • Make-up credits do not roll over to future sessions

  • If C3 is closed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, Administration will contact students directly regarding make-up options.

  • All students should contact in the event of injury, illness, or another cause for long-term absences.

Make-Up Options for All Students:
Students of any age may make up missed classes during Open Studios during the session they missed class. Students must reserve a spot in the open studio prior to arrival if they want to use a make-up credit.

  1. Adult Open Studio and Youth Open Studio times can be found HERE.

  2. Play Time times can be found HERE.

Make-Up Options for Adult Students:
Adult students can also make-up a missed class through a designated make-up class.

Current Designated Make-Up Class Options:

  • Monday 6:30-7:50pm - Juggling with Jeremy

  • Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm - Aerial Conditioning with Kellyn

  • Wednesday 8-9:20pm - Flexibility with Rachel

  • Thursday 8-9:20pm Handbalancing 101/201 with Steve

Adult students have the opportunity to use make-up class credits during a designated make-up class. Students must reserve a spot in their make-up classes prior to arrival. Spots in these classes are first-come, first-served and have limited availability. Instructions for how to sign out of a class and into a make-up class can be found here on our Policies Page.

***Conditioning or flexibility mini-sessions that run from time to time will also be eligible as a make-up class. We will communicate these mini-sessions clearly to staff and students when they are scheduled.***

How to reserve your Make-Up Class, Open Studio, or Play Time:

1. Log in to your Zen Planner account at:

2. Cancel your reservation in the class you will miss.

  • Click on "My Profile" on the left-hand side, then select "Reservations." You'll see a list of each class you are registered to take for the session.

  • Click on the class date you will miss, and then click the red "Cancel" button.

3. Reserve a spot in a Make-Up Class, Open Studio, or Play Time.

  • Click on "Calendar" on the left-hand side.

  • Make sure the first drop-down menu above the calendar is set to "all calendars" so you can see all upcoming classes, open studios, and play times.

  • To reserve your make-up spot, click on the specific Make-Up Class, Open Studio, or Play Time date you would like to attend and then click the blue "Reserve" button next to your name.

*In order to avoid being charged for a drop-in, please confirm that you are signing up with your existing class membership. If you have any questions about this process please email us at before completing registration!

  • If a class is full, you will not be able to reserve a spot and must choose a different date.


In the event that a student is unable to complete a session of classes due to an injury (whether sustained in or outside of class), C3 will issue an account credit for the value of the remaining classes to be used toward any future class registration. Students must contact C3 promptly via email at to request an account credit in case of injury.

Students with existing injuries or physical limitations are encouraged to schedule a private lesson or attend a Taster Class before registering for a session of classes to make sure they can participate in class activities. Refunds will not be granted in cases where an existing injury prevents a student from fully participating.

Weather-related cancellations

  • C3 will announce closures due to weather at least 2 hours before class start time.

  • Cancellations will be announced over email and on social media.

  • If C3 cancels a class due to inclement weather, affected students will be permitted to make-up their class in accordance with the missed class policy above.

Other considerations

Refunds are not given for failure to attend, absence, sick days, or participant dismissal due to unsafe behavior. In the case that a student's behavior creates a safety concern, C3 staff will make every reasonable effort to resolve the issue in a way that allows the student to continue participating in circus class. C3 instructors have the final say in all questions of safety.

3. Readiness to Train

  • No one may train or be in the studio if under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or prescription drugs that impair the student’s judgement.

  • No one may join a class without properly warming-up, as decided by the instructor.

  • Please stay home if you are sick or have had a fever within the last 24 hours.

  • Students who have or suspect they may have had a concussion recently must be cleared by a doctor before resuming circus training.

  • Students are always welcome to observe a class, and not participate, if they or the coach deem the student unable to participate in the class due to injury or fatigue.