Straps and Handbalancing Technique

Ages 16+

Whether you are in the air or on the ground, the principles of biomechanics are the same. Aerial straps and hand balancing are two different circus disciplines that are frequently paired together, since both disciplines help students develop strength and control through the wrists, shoulders, core, hips, and legs. Additionally, straps and hand balancing are wonderful cross-training disciplines for health and injury prevention, since the "push" strength in handbalancing is nicely balanced with the "pull" strength in straps. In this class, we will work on the foundations of strong handbalancing and aerial straps technique with close attention to form, biomechanics, and conditioning. 

Foundations Prerequisites: Students must be able to engage in moderate exercise safely. Not recommended for those with current shoulder, elbow, or wrist injuries.

Level 101 Prerequisites: Students should be able to kick-up to a handstand off the wall (does not need to be able to hold it on their own). Students should be familiar with the tuck and straddle entries to handstand even if execution is not consistent. Students should be able to execute three bent or straight arm inversions on their own on the straps.