Static Trapeze

A static trapeze is a steel bar hung from two ropes. It is a foundational aerial apparatus that invites students to move over, under, and around the ropes and bar to perform movements and tricks. Never been upside-down before? No problem. All skills will be learned in safe progressions that move at an appropriate pace for each student. Students will begin on trapezes rigged closer to the ground, and will progress to working higher in the air as they develop confidence and strength. All trapeze classes will incorporate lessons for strength, creativity, and coordination as well as injury prevention.

Level Pre-requisites for Static Trapeze Classes:

Level 1: open, no pre-reqs

Level 2/3: Students must be able to get up to sitting on the bar without help. Students must also be able to do a pull-over to hip hang from the ground without help. They must have confidence executing standing poses on the bar and must be able to hold a tuck-up with bent arms in the ropes for at least 10 seconds.

Level 4: Students must be able to invert in the ropes without help multiple times throughout class. They must be familiar with a range of skills on the trapeze including single knee hang, front balance, back balance, half mill circles, and skills in the ropes. Students should be working on knee hang, long hang, and ankle beats as well as front hip circles, though execution does not have to be perfect for entrance to Level 4.