Robin Gopal

Robin Gopal has loved having an audience ever since she learned to talk, and as a result, she spent her youth splitting her time between engineering and performing musical theater. As an adult, she stumbled into the world of circus and realized she had always been a circus performer at heart. Over the years, she has dedicated most of her time to the aerial hoop, partner trapeze, contortion, and partner acrobatics.

Robin's degree in Bioengineering has given her a unique perspective on teaching the circus arts. Robin uses her background to convey the foundational physics used in physical skills in a way that encourages creative problem solving while ensuring safety for students. Robin has taught classes and workshops with the social circus organization Circus Up! since its inception and is always eager to help people of all ages achieve goals they did not think were possible. Robin is passionate about helping everyone gain confidence, physical literacy, and a feeling of community through the exciting world of circus.