Private Lessons

Taking a private lesson gives students of all experience levels the opportunity for individual attention from a coach and focused training that easily fits into their schedule. Students can take privates in any discipline, and they can choose to focus on technique, skills, or choreography. *Private lesson rates apply to both youth and adult students. 

Private lesson rates

Solo Private—$70 per hour

Two Person Private—$45 per person /hour

Three Person Private—$35 per person /hour

Group Lesson (4+ students)—$30 per person/hour

Partners (acrobatic or aerial duos) — $70 per partnership/hour

Private Lesson Request Form
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First Date Requested
Please provide at least 2 dates/times that you are available. We also encourage you to add more availability if you have it; the more information we have, the better we will be able accommodate your request. *Note that these times indicate your availability/preferences, and do NOT guarantee a confirmed lesson time.
Indicate what time you are available on the requested day.
Second Date Requested *
Second Date Requested
Additional Information
For example: I have done partner acrobatics but never silks or I am currently in Trapeze 201 at C3.
Anything else we should know about? Injuries? Health information? Time constraints?
Parent Guardian Information
If you are scheduling a private lesson for your child, please provide the following information:
Child's birthdate
Child's birthdate
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-C3 Staff