Pole Disciplines

Aerial Pole:

In this class, students will learn how to climb, spin, swing, and invert on a suspended pole. This apparatus is similar to the dance pole but has the ability to circle, swing, and spin. Students will explore skills that incorporate dance pole and Chinese pole technique, while also practicing and inventing choreographic sequences.

CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS: Due to the bare metal poles, skin contact is the way to achieve safe grip on this apparatus. Please wear shorts and a tank top and avoid using lotion before class.

Prerequisites: Open Level

Chinese Pole

In this class you'll learn how to jump, flip, hang, and climb on a static rubberized pole. This is an upper body and core intensive apparatus so is an awesome way to build strength while having fun! Through thoughtful progressions, students will explore the ins and outs of various static poses and work their way towards finding flow and rhythm while dropping and sliding. Be prepared to sweat and fall in love with this amazing acrobatic apparatus.

CLOTHING & SHOE REQUIREMENTS: Because this is a rubberized pole you will need jeans with a belt, a short and long sleeve shirt, and rubber-soled shoes that haven't been worn outside to keep you comfortable and safe. Anne recommends Doublestar Mr shoes or Feiyu shoes.