Play Time

Play Time offers kids ages 1.5-5yrs the opportunity to explore the circus studio! Although it isn't a full class, one or more instructors will be there monitoring the session and will be happy to answer questions and give advice.

Current C3 students ages 5 and under can attend Play Time for $5 per child. This is a great way to practice what students have learned in class. Additionally, current C3 students 5 and under can make up a missed class by attending Play Time for free during the same session. Each child must be accompanied by an adult in the studio at all times. No pre-registration is required. Payment must be in cash; please bring exact change if possible!

Play Time is $10 cash only on arrival for children who are not current C3 students.

2019 Play Times:

  • Thursdays: 10:11:30am

    *Please Note that Youth Play Time follows BPS cancelations and does not meet when school is canceled due to weather. Additionally, Youth Play Time does not meet during BPS School Recess Weeks.

Play Time Policies

  1. All Play Time participants must be supervised by a caregiver in-studio at all times.

  2. Be respectful of other students and caregivers in the space. Students may need to share space and equipment.

  3. Do not teach skills to other students. If you need help please ask the supervising instructor.

  4. Ask fellow students or caregiver before offering feedback, and respect a student or caregiver’s desire to decline feedback.

  5. Always use proper matting, rigging, and safety equipment.

  6. No headphones while in the studio.