Partner Acrobatics

Partner acrobatics is a circus discipline that requires no equipment other than multiple people! In class we will learn how to support each other in balance, counter-balance, and lifts. We will learn safe ways of practicing skills learned in class by developing spotting techniques and working with gradual progressions. Learn to trust, connect, and communicate with other students as you create amazing shapes!

Prerequisites for Partner Acrobatics:

Level 1: open, no-pre-reqs

Level 2: Students should be comfortable either basing or flying a two-high (standing on shoulders), be able to execute a forward roll and backward roll, be comfortable basing and flying basic thigh-standing counterbalances, and should be able to kick up to a handstand against the wall or with a spotter.

Level 3:
Students should be comfortable basing and/or flying a two-high, walking in two-highs, and squatting in two-highs. Students should be familiar with partner inversions (like partner shoulder stand), partner lifts (like camel lift and bird lift), and foot-to-hand with the base lying on the floor.