Pam Shwartz

Pam began her circus journey two days after graduating from college. Never having been athletic as a child, she figured that in graduating college she would have more free time, and should get a hobby! The first circus class she attended, in Philadelphia, changed her life. It took her a long time to to get the hang of it, but as she likes to tell people, its ok if you are not able to do everything when you start, circus is a great way to get stronger! Since that first class, Pam has trained at The Philadelphia School of Circus, the New England Center for Circus Arts, and Esh. She focuses on static trapeze and Cyr Wheel. 

Outside of circus, Pam runs a summer camp for children with Type 1 Diabetes in Haiti for the  Kay Mackinson Clinic. She currently teaches adult ESL at Showa University and is a licensed teacher in Special Education, Science, and ESL in Massachusetts. Pam uses her extensive classroom experience to help teach circus to kids of all ages.