Open Studio

Students who are currently enrolled in classes, or otherwise approved by a C3 staff, may attend our open studios to practice on the ground or in the air. You are welcome to make up missed classes by attending an open studio session for free during the same session. Although it isn't a full class, one or more instructors will be there monitoring the session and will be happy to give you advice or a spot on skills you are practicing.

Youth students, who are currently enrolled in classes, are welcome to attend Youth Open Studio on Sundays from 12pm-1:15pm. Youth students younger than high school age must be supervised by a caregiver in-studio at all times.

Open studio is $10 cash only on arrival. No pre-registration necessary.

Youth Open Studio Time:

Sunday 12:00-1:15pm

Adult Open Studio Times:

Tuesday 11:30am -1:30pm

Tuesday 7:10-8:30pm

Thursday 8:35-10:00pm

Saturday 12:00-2:00pm

Open Studio Policies

  1. Be respectful of other students and the space. Students may need to share space and equipment.
  2. Do not teach skills to other students. If you need help please ask the supervising instructor.
  3. Ask fellow students before offering feedback, and respect a student’s desire to decline feedback.
  4. Only use equipment that you have been properly trained on, and always use proper matting, rigging, and safety equipment
  5. No headphones while on the equipment. Students may use headphones if they are working on a stationary discipline, such as juggling or flexibility