Mixed Aerial

Still not sure which apparatus or discipline to choose? Why not try them all? Level 1 & Level 2 Mixed Aerial classes give students the opportunity to build skills, confidence, and creativity on silks, rope, hoop, and trapeze. Mixed Aerial classes introduce the foundational shoulder positioning, core engagement, and body alignment principles that are applicable for all circus disciplines. Classes typically cover two apparatus per week.

Level pre-requisites for Mixed Aerial classes:

Level 1: open, no pre-reqs

Level 2: Students must be able to get up to sitting on the hoop and/or trapeze without help. Students must be able to execute a windmill hip key from the ground on silks and/or rope. They must be able to put on a foot lock in the air on silks and/or rope. Students must be able to invert from the ground on all apparatus without help.