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Jacqueline Judith

As a kid, Jacqueline could often be found dancing, climbing trees, or adventuring.  As she got older, she started training in taekwondo and even competed in college.  As graduation approached, she knew she was looking for a new hobby and luckily stumbled upon circus. Jacqueline immediately found herself head over heels - and heels over head.  Over the course of her circus journey, she has primarily spent her time on partner acrobatics, aerial silks, and aerial rope, though she delights in dabbling in all things circus.  

With a background in engineering, Jacqueline likes to view circus through the principles of physics and creative problem solving, with a sharp eye towards safety.  She is not only interested in the biomechanics of the body, but also enjoys analyzing the rigging above that makes aerials possible and safe.  Jacqueline is passionate about teaching and making circus accessible to all.    

As an administrator, Jacqueline puts skills from her past life such as project management, communication, and creative problem solving to good use.  She is so excited to have circus as her full-time career!