Hand-to-Hand Partner Acrobatics

Partner acrobatics is a circus discipline that requires no equipment other than multiple people! In class we will learn how to support each other in balance, counter-balance, and lifts. We will learn safe ways of practicing skills learned in class by developing spotting techniques and working with gradual progressions. Learn to trust, connect, and communicate with other students as you create amazing shapes!

Hand-to-Hand (H2H) is the practice of a flier holding handstands and other hand balances in a base's hands. In H2H classes, we begin working on this breathtaking, high-skill discipline with close attention to handstand technique, foundational drills, and the connection between acrobats. We will also explore foot-to-hand, with the flier standing in the base's hands, to explore the more advanced aspects of H2H. 

Prerequisites for Hand-to-Hand Partner Acrobatics:

Level 101: Students should be comfortable holding a handstand with a spotter for 15 seconds. Students should also have experience basing or flying a two-high, either with or without a spotter.