German Wheel

Come rock, roll, flip, and spin with Jeremy on the German Wheel! Students will gain strength, balance, and mobility through acrobatics on this unique apparatus. Beginners will learn to rock back and forth, sit on the bars, and cartwheel. More advanced students may learn to stand on top, free fly, and do backward and forward flips. This class is accessible for all levels and only gets more exciting as you dive deeper.

Participants must wear closed-toed shoes. Shoes should be flexible and have thin hard soles, like Converses, Keds, or ideally martial arts shoes.

Prerequisites for German Wheel Classes:

Level 1: No prerequisites

Level 2: Students should be comfortable executing all of the following skills without spotting: side-to-side rocking, front-to-back rocking, basic cartwheels, push-up cartwheels, washing machine both inside and outside of the wheel, stomach rock, and low sit rock (ability to put shoulders through the wheel independently not required).