Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior experience to do circus?

None of our 101-level classes require any previous experience, and we welcome students of any age and fitness level! You’ll be amazed at the strength and confidence you can develop over a single session.

I’ve done circus before, so what level should I choose?

Please contact us at to set up an evaluation with one of our instructors, and we will find the best level for you!

May I try circus before signing up for a full 8-week session?

Of course! If you want to try some circus but aren't sure if you can commit to our 8-week session you can sign up for a Taster Class. During a Taster Class prospective students will have the opportunity to try a wide variety of circus disciplines in one action-packed workshop! Alternately, some prospective students chose to try circus by taking a private lesson in the discipline of their choice. If you'd like to request a solo private lesson or group private lesson please submit a lesson request on our Private Lessons page.

What should I bring or wear to class?

  1. Students should wear clothing that provides comfort without restricting movement or creating potential hazards.

    • Form-fitting clothing is recommended, as loose clothing can get stuck on an apparatus or refuse to stay in place when upside-down!

    • NO zippers, hooks, velcro, or other fasteners on clothing worn to circus class.

    • Covering backs of knees and armpits will make circus training more comfortable.

    • Supportive undergarments: dance belts or sports bras are recommended.

  2. Please remove all jewelry before entering the studio to prevent damage to equipment or lost items.

  3. Be mindful of personal hygiene when entering the studio. No strong fragrances or body lotion, and be mindful of your own body odor.

  4. You may bring a non-glass water bottle and a notebook into the studio with you.

What is the class make-up policy? I have to miss a class this session.

Our full Make-up/Missed Class policy is available HERE on our Policies Page!

What is your refund policy?

Refunds for session classes are granted only in the case of extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of C3 management. In the case of a refund there is 5% fee. Please check your schedule before signing up for classes! Find our full refund policies listed in our Studio Policies page for more information.

What factors determine the pricing of programs at C3?

Prices at C3 are influenced by our dedication to maintaining a safe facility with up-to-date equipment, providing quality instruction with low student/teacher ratios, and to paying our instructors an industry-leading wage.

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