Fabric (aka Aerial Silks) is one of the most popular aerial arts. In Fabric classes students will have the opportunity explore being up in the air while developing strength, confidence, and creativity. By learning methods for climbing, tying knots, creating tension, and wrapping the fabric, students will learn to execute multiple tricks and to create sequences. Initially, we’ll work just off the ground, and will move higher in the air as students progress. Never been upside-down before? No problem! Everyone is welcome and no specific strength or prior experience is required for Level 1. All silks classes will incorporate lessons for strength and coordination as well as injury prevention.

Level Pre-requisites for Fabric

Level 1: open, no pre-reqs

Level 2: Students must be able to invert and execute a knee hook from the mat without help, execute a windmill hip key from the ground, execute a foot lock in the air without help, and must be able to climb at least six feet in the air and descend with control.

Level 3+: Students must be able to invert in the air without help multiple times throughout class, execute a windmill hip key in the air, climb to the top of the fabric and descend safely multiple times throughout class, and be familiar with a range of skills on the fabric, including different types of climbs, poses, and at least two drops.