Cyr Wheel

The Cyr Wheel or the ‘simple wheel’ is an acrobatic apparatus that looks like a giant metal hula hoop–but its use is totally unique! Students stand inside the wheel and spin, roll, glide, and fly across the floor while manipulating the wheel! While tough at first, the Cyr wheel is a great workout for posture, core. and shoulder positioning. Much of your first session will be spent working on the basic step called waltzing, where you propel the wheel in a circular rotating motion. Additionally, students will learn the three basic ways a wheel can move through manipulation skills. The wheel is the perfect combination of grace and strength with as it lends itself well to both dance and acrobatics.

Pre-requisites for Cyr Wheel:

Level 1: open, no pre-reqs

Level 2: Students should be able to execute 5-6 steps of a basic waltz.

Love 3: Students should be able to consistently waltz.

Level 4: Students should be able to consistently waltz and have proficiency in at least 3 waltz variations (examples including arabesque, foot-together waltz, corners, asymmetrical waltz, ect.). Students should have familiarity with cartwheels, coins, and half-turns in the waltz