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Circus Kids

Ages 6—7

At this level, your child begins to explore the depth and breadth that the circus arts offer! Students will learn technique, creative exploration, and skill progressions on trapeze, aerial fabric, ground acrobatics, juggling, physical theater, and much more! Students also begin collaborating with their classmates on the ground and in the air to strengthen social and classroom skills.

Your child does not need any prior experience in circus or gymnastics. We accept children of all abilities, and our coaches customize the classes to ensure every child feels both safe and challenged! 

Parent or guardian participation is not required for this class. Parents and guardians may watch class through the lobby windows. This helps to keep students and instructors focused and safe! Exceptions will be made on occasion by request and depending on the student's needs.

Classes are 75 (weekday) or 80 (weekend) minutes long. Please contact us at info@commonwealthcircus.com with any questions!