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Circus Kids

Ages 4—5

Whether your child is a wild thrill-seeker or a bit timid during playtime, our classes offer an encouraging and safe environment to grow further! Your child will have the chance to run, jump, tumble, climb, balance, and swing under our supervision and instruction. Children will learn many of the basic skills and concepts that underlie higher level circus work. This is also a great chance to practice listening skills and following directions in a fun, safe and supported environment.

Not sure if this is the right class for your child? We recommend that children in this class are able to hang from a bar for a few seconds independently; can lift their feet up toward bar while hanging from hands; can wait to take a turn; and can follow a simple, short series of directions.

Parent or guardian participation is not required for this class. Parents and guardians may watch class through the lobby windows. This helps to keep students and instructors focused and safe! Exceptions will be made on occasion by request and depending on the student's needs. All students must have a guardian or caregiver in the lobby during class, in case of emergency.

Class is 50 minutes long. Please contact us at info@commonwealthcircus.com with any questions.