Commonwealth Circus Center Policies

Feel free to view our complete studio policy document HERE

*The most pertinent policies are listed below.

Group classes

All classes are run in 12-week sessions, unless otherwise noted. Sessions are designed so that students will progress in strength and skill progression, so it is encouraged that students attend every class even if they choose not to participate. Students must attend at least one class out of the first two to ensure they are up-to-speed with the curriculum. All rates are listed for the entire 12-week session. Once a student registers for a class, they have committed to paying for and attending the class, whether they elect to pay online via credit/debit or to pay in studio with cash or check. Students who elect to pay via cash or check are asked to do so within three days of registration. If a student registers but does not show up for a class, they will still be charged the full price of the class unless they contact C3 via email to cancel. Transactions over credit card are subject to a 2% processing fee.

Adult classes listed as All Levels, Basics, Level 1, or Level 101 are open to all students ages 16+. No prior experience in circus, tumbling, etc is required.

Students registering for classes at higher skill levels (Level 201, Level 2, or higher) must have prior approval from C3 staff before signing up for classes. Returning students receive level recommendations from their coaches prior to registration. Students who are new to C3 but not new to circus and who wish to enroll in a class above beginner level (beginner level classes are All Levels, Basics, Level 1, or Level 101) must first schedule an evaluation by contacting EMAIL.

If a student registers for a class above the beginner level without explicit approval from c3 staff, and C3 staff determines that they do not meet the pre-reqs for that class, the class registration will be cancelled without refund.

Class Structure

Group classes are 75 minutes, unless otherwise noted. The first 15 minutes are dedicated to general warm-up for the entire studio. Then classes will be divided by apparatus/discipline, and students will spend 45 minutes on skill building and 15 minutes on conditioning.

Private Lessons

Students must pay in full at least a week in advance of the lesson date to secure a private lesson. Students scheduling on shorter notice must pay immediately upon registration.
Workshops/Special Events
Students must pay in full upon registration to guarantee a spot in a workshop.

All card payments are subject to a 2% processing fee.

Weather, closure policy

1. C3 will announce class closure due to weather at least 2 hours before class time.

2. Cancellations will be announced over email.


Attendance and make-up policy

Students are encouraged to attend all classes, as skills progress from week-to-week. If a student misses a class, they may ask for class notes from a fellow classmate

1. Students in Introductory and Intermediate classes must attend at least one class out of the first three classes.

2. If a student knows they will not be able to attend a class, they can remove themselves from the class roster.

3. If the student removes themselves from the roster more than 24-hours before the class, then the student is entitled to attend one Open Studio free of charge.

Open studio

1. Be respectful of other students and the space. Students may need to share space and equipment.

2. Do not teach skills to other students, regardless of your perceived risk or difficulty of the skill.

3. Ask fellow students before offering feedback, and respect a student’s desire to decline feedback.

4. Only use equipment that you have been properly trained on, and always use proper matting, rigging, and safety equipment

5. No headphones while on equipment. Students may use headphones if they are working on a stationary discipline, such as juggling or flexibility.


1. Students are welcome to arrive 15 minutes before any class or private lesson to get ready and warm-up. Students are not allowed on any equipment during this time, but they may use an area of the mats.

2. Students who arrive up to 15 minutes late for a class will be asked to warm-up and then join the class in progress.

3. If a student is more than 15 minutes late to a class, the teacher may decide that the student cannot participate. However, the student is encouraged to watch the class and take notes. This policy is to ensure the safety of the student and to respect the flow of the class in progress.

Readiness to train (injury, warm-up, drug/alcohol, mental readiness, return-to-play)

1. No one may train in the space if they are under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or prescription drugs that impair the student’s judgement.

2. No one may join a class without properly warming-up, as decided by the instructor

3. Students who have experienced a head injury, inside or outside of the studio, will need to be evaluated by the instructor before joining class.

Rigging and Equipment

1. Instructors are not to advise students on rigging aerial apparatuses. All students who wish to rig apparatuses elsewhere are encouraged to seek the advice of a certified aerial rigger.

2. Students may not touch any rigging unless specifically given permission to by an instructor.

3. Students are allowed to rig their own apparatuses only with the express permission and under the supervision of an instructor. No other students are to use that equipment, and the apparatus must be taken down after use. 

Drop-In and Late Registration Policy

1. Drop-ins for Fitness, Training, and Flexibility classes may be purchased directly via the [Registration Software] by clicking on the class you wish to attend and proceeding to check-out. Fitness, Training, and Flexibility classes are open to anyone at any time during the session. 

2. Level 101 classes are available for drop-in during the first three weeks of a session only, and may be purchased directly via the [Registration Software]. After this time, only students with prior experience and instructor approval may drop in on a Level 101 class. Please email if you are unsure whether you qualify to drop in on a class. 

3. All other classes require explicit approval for drop-ins. Students who are currently enrolled in classes at C3 are approved to drop in on classes at or below their current class level in each discipline in which they have taken classes. They may purchase drop-ins via the [Registration Software]. Students who are new to C3 but not new to circus arts must email to arrange a skill evaluation before attending classes. If a student purchases a drop-in for a class that they are not approved to take, the student will not be allowed to participate and no refund will be granted.

4. Students who register in an Apparatus-based class (aerials, wire/pipe, Cyr) or a Ground Acrobatics class after the first week of the session are required to take a private lesson to assess their skill level and catch them up to the class; exceptions can be made with instructors’ permission. Fitness, Training, and Flexibility classes may be joined mid-session without a private lesson.